Scalable Solutions

Notion provides powerful and cost-effective solutions for a range of budgets, from small to large scale websites, ensuring a smooth upgrade path as your organisation grows.

Notion Enterprise
Designed for medium to large scale websites, Notion Enterprise implementations typically involve extensive customisation and/or integration with other business processes.

Notion SBS
For smaller organisations, Notion SBS is a packaged solution which gets you up and running quickly with a fully content managed website, while providing a fully scalable solution to grow with your organisation's needs.

Specifically designed for short term promotional campaigns. Notion.tmp is easy and fast to deploy with full CMS features which maximises flexibility and control.

Future Proof
Whatever your requirements might be now - your investment in Notion will not be wasted in future - Notion is fully scalable and customisable with Modules and/or our Custom Development services, providing you with a smooth upgrade path to the future as your organisation grows.

Contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.

Notion Modules

There are a number of modules which can easily be added to a Notion website.

> Intranet/extranet

> Bulletin board

> Form generator

> Online survey

> Mini online survey

> Online ordering form

Custom Development

We can develop custom solutions which are tailored to your organisation's specific needs. For example Notion can be integrated with:

> E-commerce engines

> External databases

> Back office IT systems

> Financial systems

> CRM systems

> Advertising systems