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Notion has standard features to handle documents and forms, making it easy to share documents with your stakeholders and to communicate with your customers.

Making documents avalable on your website can save costs and imoprove efficiency. Your website can be a central place for storing the latest documents such as company policies and newsletters.

Making your documents available online can make significant cost savings by reducing printing and distribution costs.

The standard email forms template that comes with Notion SBS can be easily deployed to provide an efficient collection mechansim for inquiries on your wesbite by email. Email forms have the advantage of being able to specify the type of information you like to get from your customers (eg. email address, name, comments), which is not possible with simple 'mailto' links.

For more advanced forms, the optional Forms Module is available or we can custom develop forms to integrate with other systems.


Notion can handle documents easily. Documents can be upload using the admin interface. Users can download or view documents easily.


Notion SBS has a standard email forms template which makes it very easy to create forms on your website.

Advanced forms can be easily created using the optional Forms Module, or customed developed to integrate with other systems.

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