> Design Freedom

You have total freedom over the design of your website. Templates can be built using a number of technologies and integrated with Notion to design stunning sites with efficient navigation and precise control over visual presentation.

Re-design - No problem
Because all content is stored in a database, separate from the presentation layer, visual design changes can be easily achieved by applying new templates and stylesheets. This negates the need to practically re-develop your website if the design is changed, as is the case with static websites.

Enhanced user experience

For websites that are graphics intensive or have special user interface requirements, Flash, Java, DHTML and other technologies can be easily integrated with Notion to provide enhanced user experiences.

Accessibility and compatibility

If your website is focused on accessibility, compatibility and future standards to comply with specific end-user requirements and/or e-government guidelines, Notion SBS already provide customisable HTML 4.0 and XHTML templates. For example, this website is based on the standard Notion SBS XHTML templates.

Contact us anytime to discuss your user interface and design requirements.

No Lmits on Design

All standard web presentation and mark-up technologies can be used with Notion, including:





> Flash

> Java Script


E.g. www.weave.net.nz, www.palliser.co.nz and www.transpower.co.nz are Notion sites with navigation and user interfaces using Flash technology.

> Demo

See online demo...