> Admin Interface

Unlike some CMS software, Notion comes complete with a comprehensive administration inteface 'back end' which handles all the management functions through a web browser. Thus saving significant development costs.

The admin interface (or management application) is easy to use, with a "folding" menu system which enables users to quickly access different sections of the site areas and content to be managed.

With Notion Enterprise, the admin interface can be customised to provide specific functionality.


The Admin Interface has a WYSIWYG editor which enables efficient management of content. Text can be easily edited, images, files and documents can be uploaded with 'point and click' simplicity.

Text Clean-up

When cutting and pasting text content from MS Word or other sources, 'stray' mark-up code can often be a problem. Notion has a "text clean-up" feature which automically strips out such 'stray' code to ensure consistent formatting. Saving considerable time and frustration.

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