> Workflow

Notion has extensive features to customise your publishing workflow, so you can have precise control of who and how your website is managed.

You have a number of options as to the level of control and checking in the publishing workflow. Authorised staff can be assigned different levels of rights with various policies applied to the publishing cycle. Here are some example of typical workflows:

In Notion Enterprise, the workflow is totally customisable to enable very sophisticated control of your publishing cycle within large organisations. In Notion SBS, more basic workflows is available, which is more suited to smaller organisations.

As part of the implementation process, we will work with you to determine the best options for workflows.

Contact us anytime to discuss your specific workflow requirements.

Basic Workflow

All authorised users have update rights and can change pages and make them live without getting further approval.

Medium Workflow

Two level approvals...

For example, a 'maintainer' can make changes to, or add new pages, it then goes to an 'approver' for final approval before making live.

Full Workflow

Multi-level approvals...

For example, a 'maintainer' can make changes to, or add new pages, but must go to an 'approver' for approval, an 'editor' has to do a final check before making a page live.

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