> Customisable

Notion is a proven platform for many large Internet and intranet websites for leading New Zealand business, corporate and government organisations. It is totally customisable and scalable to grow with your business.

Unlike static websites and other limited 'content managed' solutions, your investment in Notion will not be wasted as your organisation grows.

When more functionality is required, we can either supply standard modules or develop custom solutions. Again, this can be done without throwing away what has been developed, thus protecting your investment.

Additional modules can be added or a custom solution can be developed to suit your specific needs, such as bulletin boards, form and online surveys.  Online ordering and e-commerce engines can be integrated.

Custom development
Outwide has undertaken many complex bespoke development projects to integrate Notion with our clients' systems, and to enable better ways of performing core business processes.

Contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.

Notion Modules

There are a number of modules which can easily be added to a Notion website.

> Intranet/extranet

> Bulletin board

> Form generator

> Online survey

> Mini online survey

> Online ordering form

Custom Development

Here are some examples of custom developments:

> E-commerce engines

> Integration with:

   - Databases

   - Other IT systems

   - Financial and accounting

   - CRM systems

   - Advertising systems